Are there counterfeit Seresto collars

Yes, there are counterfeit Seresto collars. Counterfeit versions of the popular flea and tick collar have been found on many websites, including Amazon, eBay, and Wish.

The manufacturer of the Seresto collar warns pet parents to avoid buying products from suspicious or unknown sources as they could be potentially dangerous for their pet. The product has been designed with specialized materials and patented technology that guarantee its effectiveness in terms of protection against pests; these features obviously can’t be replicated by shady manufacturers selling fake products online.

Additionally, a fake Seresto collar could actually contain different chemicals that may pose a health risk to your pet. These counterfeit collars often come in different packages with altered compositions – containing entirely different active ingredients. It’s best to purchase your supply at certified vendors like veterinarians or trusted retail stores only.

Inspection labels have also appeared on some fake versions to mislead consumers into thinking they are purchasing original product from authorized outlets such as veterinarians and retail stores; however, those take advantage of easily altered product codes which fail to convince customers that they are indeed genuine products provided by Bayer Animal Health division.

Examine the Package and Collar Carefully

It is sad, but true: counterfeit Seresto collars do exist. As with any product you buy, it is important to examine the package and the product itself very carefully before purchase.

First, look at the packaging of the collar. It should be professionally designed with clear labels and images of the actual product. Do not purchase a collar if it is wrapped in plastic or otherwise looks like it has been tampered with. Also, make sure that there are no spelling errors or buy seresto other irregularities on the label or package.

Next, take a close look at the actual product itself for any signs of inconsistencies or irregularities. The Seresto collar should have an even distribution of liquid along its entire length and be easy to put on your pet without breaking apart into pieces. Also, check to see if all of the components are actually included with your purchase; for example, genuine collars will come with a safety tag and set of instructions for use.

Check for Unusual Aroma

Your pet’s safety is in your hands. So if you’re wondering if there are counterfeit Seresto collars on the market, you can take a few steps to detect them. One way to detect a fake is to check for unusual odors. Look for uncommon smells that might hint at fake ingredients or manufacturing issues.

Genuine Seresto collars are odorless, so avoid any collars that have an odd scent. Counterfeit manufacturers may use cheaper ingredients or lack of quality control and manufacturing processes which can lead to a strange smell emitting from the collar. Additionally, when you touch the collar itself or even open up the packaging it comes in, you should also be able to identify if it has an off-putting odor.

If there are signs of counterfeit production, move on and don’t buy it! Your pet’s health and wellbeing depends on you choosing only genuine Seresto collars.

Look at the Item Number and Batch Number

When it comes to determining if a Seresto collar is counterfeit or not, you need to closely look at the item number and batch number. Every genuine Seresto collar has its own unique product number that can be verified by looking on the manufacturer’s website. Additionally, the batch number of each Seresto collar should match up with those listed in their production records.

If you find a discrepancy between the numbers found on your collar and those listed on their website, then it’s more than likely counterfeit. It’s always best to purchase Seresto collars directly from the manufacturer or reputable retailers in order to ensure that what you are purchasing is genuine and not a fake product. Furthermore, when choosing where to buy your Seresto collar make sure that it is from an authorized retailer, so you can be sure that what your getting is legitimate and meets all safety requirements.


Being aware of the warning signs of a counterfeit Seresto collar may help you protect your pet’s health. Making sure you purchase an authentic collar with an item number, batch number and correct amount of active ingredients is essential.

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